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The Health Programme

Whether you have symptoms or a diagnosis, are feeling totally overwhelmed with trying to do what’s best healthwise, or want to feel full of good health and vitality, I can help.

I offer bespoke programmes that include the right level of support for you.  Together we navigate where you want to get to with personalised nutrition plans and lots of support. We see the best results in clinic when there’s plenty of time and support to work through a health improvement plan and make the changes that give you the results you want, so my programmes last around 10 weeks. Prices start at £315.


You are a self-starter who wants personalised guidance to reach your health goals, and stay accountable

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You’re motivated and great at holding yourself to account. You want personalised advice about what nutrition and lifestyle changes you need to feel fantastic, and to simplify the often contradictory messages we hear about nutrition.

Your programme includes our initial comprehensive health assessment, two further progress consultations, regular food diary reviews, supplement recommendations, and medication check if needed. 

Plus ideas and inspiration, recipes, and personal development tools – we’ve got everything you need.   


You know you can achieve your health goals with the right support. This programme helps you stay focussed and keeps your motivation up

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You want to lose weight or get to grips with health concerns, and feel healthy and full of energy. Your busy life gets in the way sometimes so you want warm, practical support to stay on track.

Your programme includes fortnightly health coaching to help you reach your goals. We have lovely tools to create positive health goals and track your progress in a regular, motivating way. 

Also included are our initial comprehensive health assessment, two further progress consultations and regular food diary reviews, supplement recommendations, and medication check if needed.

Plus ideas and inspiration, recipes, and personal development tools – we’ve got everything you need.


You are ready for dedicated time just for you, that will transform your relationship with your body and your health

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Perfect for the too-busy or overwhelmed – this is your time, where all your responsibilities and the to-do list take a back seat each week, either in person or online.  You’ll have the space to focus on you and find out exactly what to do. 

The weekly mix of health coaching sessions and check-in calls are tailored, practical, motivating and supportive. You’ll stay focussed, and make choices that heal and nourish you.

The programme includes unlimited email support, all course materials, recipes, regular food diary reviews, supplement recommendations, and medication check if needed. 

There’s also optional extras available such as a cupboard clear-out or a supermarket sweep to help you make your fresh start.

After we have completed your programme we’ll review whether you will need support for your next stage. You may feel you have everything you need, or you may wish to put further support in place.

Success Stories

I found both our sessions extremely helpful Helen. Its very rare for me to get the chance to sit and think with someone about what I have been eating and what I am giving to [my child]. I found that you gave me a good balance of new information and reassurance that I wasn't completely off track. I didn't feel overwhelmed and felt encouraged and motivated. I have really appreciated knowing I can contact you too.
Client, Condition - Child Feeding & Allergies
I am in love with this company... I saw Helen for a year and she is an amazing nutritionist! She has helped me to clear up major hair loss problems, dealing with my underactive thyroid which in turn helped with weight loss once I had it under control.  She is absolutely amazing, and a kind, funny and open-hearted person, just as I had hoped for when dealing with a small business.  Helen is always open to listening to my ideas and thoughts on what works for me.  Thanks Helen!
Client, Condition - Hair loss
Having been cleared of H Pylori by antibiotics five years ago I was constantly plagued by debilitating bouts of nausea and diarrhoea. The problem persisted despite repeated courses of antacids prescribed by my GP. At the beginning of the year I completed your comprehensive survey and met you for an in depth consultation when you identified a possible cause of my problems. I have followed your dietary and supplement recommendations rigorously and have not suffered any attacks since. I am so grateful for the help and advice you have given me.
Client, Condition - Poor digestion
I saw Helen regarding issues with low energy. I wasn't really sure what to expect from seeing a nutritionist, but I knew that my poor diet wasn't helping me and I knew I needed support in order to change. Helen took the time to explore my lifestyle and goals before considering a range of possibilities (and probabilities) that might be at the root of this low energy. Each time I saw her she helped me manage what I could do to make small, but necessary changes in improving my diet and energy. She has helped me manage my hormone levels and has been very creative in generating new ideas for diet and lifestyle that can help me manage this. Helen works holistically and doesn't just focus on what you eat, but how and why our relationship with food has come to be and what can be done to transform this. What I have valued the most about working with Helen is her boundless creativity and her complete lack of judgement. In every process of change there can be what feel like slip ups and set back which can feel very shaming to admit to. Helen has always listened without judgement and with compassion, being flexible when approaches aren't working and exploring other options. She is passionate about what she does and her enthusiasm carries through into her work with clients, making what might seem onerous into something that is achievable (and maybe even fun!)
Client, Condition - Energy & healthy eating
I can highly recommend Helen, and since following her advice for my nutritional needs my fibromyalgia and low energy symptoms have improved greatly. All thanks to Helen.
Client, Condition - Fibromyalgia & Energy
Thank you for your time and extra time and kindness on Friday. You were so good listening to me and you helped me identify how to move on to a different stage in my life and taking care of myself to enable me to get my health back.
Client, Condition - Immunity
Thank you for all of your advice which has helped a lot. With the loss of a stone and a half over the past few weeks, I’m now feeling that getting back to a normal weight is achievable.  But importantly, I am more confident knowing it is being done in a healthy way. Thanks also for your other recommendations.  Now my wife and daughter are also eating the soup I make before I can freeze it for my lunches, despite the fact it is vegan.
Client, Condition - Weight Loss
Can't recommend Helens advice enough. She is so patient, kind, calming and knowledgeable . She has helped me lower my blood glucose levels from pre-diabetic to well into normal range in 4 months. Well worth investing in yourself and your health! Thanks so much Helen!
Client, Condition - Pre-Diabetes
My digestive system felt completely broken and following Helen's guidance fixed it within about a month.    This has made the world of difference to me and I'm very grateful because I have my energy and my health back.  The recipes are super tasty too!
Client, Condition - Digestion

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