1-1 nutritional therapy consultations

I offer 1-1 nutritional therapy consultations at my clinic in Hitchin.  During a 10 week programme we have plenty of time together to get to the bottom of your symptoms and improve your health. The programmes really work and keep you accountable and motivated, to make sure you get where you want to healthwise.

All programmes start with a 90-minute initial consultation to learn all about you, your life and family history, and the way you live, cook and shop so everything I recommend will work for you.

Getting to know you and your health history

First we’ll review your questionnaire, and you’ll have plenty of time to describe what’s going on for you in more detail.

I’ll ask questions to clarify or elaborate on the information you’ve provided in your health questionnaire.

Your Health Goals

The next step is to discuss what is happening for you healthwise, based on all the information we’ve gathered. I’ll give you clear guidance about how the changes we make will address your symptoms or help you reach your goals.

It’s an important step because it helps us identify what we’re going to include in your plan, and also helps you link how you are feeling to how you are going to get better, which is so essential for your motivation and success.

Making a Plan for Change

Now we get creative! This is where we turn the issues we have identified into simple nutrition and lifestyle changes that are going to work in your life and circumstances.

Don’t really cook? Don’t worry, we’ll find routes that work for you. Struggling to get 5 a day? We’ll work out a way together. Need meals that your family can enjoy as well? We’ve got it covered!

We’ll end up with some steps that you feel confident about introducing with my support.


You’ll take home with you your health improvement plan, a list of any supplements we agree will support you, plus information, tips and recipes as needed to help you implement your plan.