Nutritional Therapy

The science-based approach to living your healthiest life.

I am a BANT-registered nutritionist based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire and my passion is helping people transform their health from the inside out.

In Nutritional Therapy, we are looking at so much more than what takes place in the kitchen. It is based on a deep understanding of the biochemistry and physiology of your whole body. A full understanding of your environment and lifestyle and how they affect you is also just as important.

This total person, science-based approach is known as Functional Medicine. It focuses on restoring health and function, not just controlling symptoms.

Regular healthcare is fantastic for dealing with emergencies and acute conditions. However for chronic conditions which linger or get worse over time, medications help manage the symptoms but bring us no nearer to resolving the issue.

In clinic, we recognise that illness doesn’t occur in isolation.  With the functional medicine approach, we are looking for the root causes of your symptoms.  We go back to your life story; the important life events, family history and the way you live your life now, leaving no stone unturned. This enables us to create a highly individual map of your journey back to good health.

The list of chronic conditions that respond well to a functional medicine approach is endless!

Everything from lack of energy, digestive problems, skin health, female health issues ranging from PMS to fertility, food intolerance and allergies, autoimmune conditions, mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety, autism – in fact if you feel you have got as far as you can with regular medicine, you’ll discover at your consultation that there are still plenty of avenues to explore, whatever your health concerns may be.

Programmes & Consultations

Get nutrition and lifestyle support to find the best way forward for you and your family’s health, during our online or in-person clinic appointments.  

Whether you have symptoms or a diagnosis, are feeling totally overwhelmed with trying to do what’s best healthwise, or want to feel full of good health and vitality, I can help. 

I offer bespoke programmes that include the right level of support for you.  Together we navigate where you want to get to with personalised nutrition plans and lots of support. We see the best results in clinic when there’s plenty of time and support to work through a health improvement plan and make the changes that give you the results you want, so my programmes last around 12 weeks. 

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